Charles Darwin Chiloe geotourism trip for Chile nature vacation - Darwin's Chiloé

“There is also something very attractive in the simplicity and humble politeness-” Charles Darwin speaking of Chiloé customs still displayed by the inhabitants (February 4,1835)
"Anyone who hasn’t been in the Chilean forest doesn’t know this planet. I have come out of that landscape, that mud, that silence, to roam, to go singing through the world." – Pablo Neruda, (Memoirs - 1977)



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Charles Darwin

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Charles Darwin’s time on Isla Chiloé (1834 – 1835) offers a passage itinerary following excerpts from the Voyage of the Beagle.

This Charles Darwin’s Chiloé geotourism trip for a Chile nature vacation brings our guests through a time portal to a place and a culture of indigenous people with a preserved Valdivian rain forest park found nowhere else in the world.  As hosts we seek a sustainable geotourism focus that eco travelers, birders, cultural heritage aficionados and inquisitive souls of all sorts will find appealing and inspiring for their minds and spirits. As guests you will meet and economically support local residents and businesses providing the tour lodging and experiences.  Direct interaction with the local and indigenous
communities will allow the Chilote people to better protect their unique lands and
culture with financial vitality.  Your trip will touch and impact dozens of families.

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